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Are You Frustrated?

There have been times in my life where I have felt as though I am doing everything I can. I’m doing everything right and things just aren’t going my way. I’m getting up earlier and [...]

A New Thing

Happy New Year. A sentiment spoken by nearly every person in existence simultaneously during the course of a single day each year. It represents such a breath of newness to so many. For those who’s [...]

Where My People At?

Have you ever walked into a party or a get together and asked yourself (hopefully in your head) some form of the question: "where are MY people? Where are the people I fit with?" We've [...]

Do Push-ups

"DO PUSH-UPS" A phrase both received and uttered countless times while I was in the military. This phrase was most often a direct result of some failure to operate in line with something that was [...]

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