Husband. Father of 4 boys. Truth-Teller. Coach. Consultant. Writer

Mission-Fit Coaching

Helping busy Christian men live healthier lives through a different kind of coaching.We're helping men transform their health and life in 4 domains:-Spiritual + Mental
-Rhythms + Schedules
-Exercise + Nutrition
-Sleep + Recovery
My clients each have a bespoke coaching experience intended to help them break through their own unique barriers and achieve a level of health and the kind of lifestyle they want most.

The Mission Briefing

A newsletter for Christian men. Check out the candid Biblical discussions about health, fitness, nutrition, masculinity, fatherhood, community life, and more.

About Chris

I'm so thankful you're here!The men I work with experience breaking through barriers that have held them hostage from progress their whole life. They unearth lies that they've believed since their youth, clarify their unique identity, calling, and mission in Christ and help transform their health and lifestyle. It's beautiful to witness and one of my favorite things in life!The mission God has put me and my family on is one of restoring, unlocking, and equipping men. I desire to help serve and support Christian men and fathers in every way possible to enable them to live the kind of life God is calling them to live, have the kind of impact they're called to have, to do so with a high level of health and fitness, and to walk in peace and joy in the process. That's why I'm here.If you don’t know me, most of my closest friends would probably describe me as physically tough, spiritually deep, and emotionally attuned - yet oftentimes rough around the edges and pretty candid. I’m a husband, father, Christ-follower, and coach (of many kinds).If you'd like to learn a little bit more, check out some fun details here:

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